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     The "Accurate" way to stay in compliance!

Accurate First Aid Services :
elps to insure that your business is meeting the most current OSHA requirements. All of our Products and Services are Custom Tailored specifically 
to your standards. From routine Onsite First Aid Inventory & Maintenance to CPR Training and OSHA Compliance, our Expertise and Dependability are a Valuable Resource to your Safety Program. Family owned and operated for over 20 years working closely with customers, building long standing partnerships that have proven us a trusted name in the industry.

     No Service Charges + No Contracts + No Minimum Orders

                                   No weekly or monthly charges of any kind!
               Pay only for required and approved products you need and utilize most.

  Customized On-Site First Aid & Safety Services

                                      OSHA/ANSI Z308.1 First Aid Kits


   Free - 
Routine Inspections & Maintenance per OSHA Requirements Including: Cleaning & Sanitizing all First Aid Kits, Inspect for Sterility and Expiration Dates, Organize items by Classification and complete a full Inventory and Replenishment of all approved and required products. We provide an itemized list showing Proof of Compliance using our computerized system to help you keep track of specific department usage and information.

     From basic First Aid Supplies to Extensive Emergency Systems, we provide the best products and services available to meet your specific needs and OSHA requirements.  

  + Complete line of Exclusively Sold, Patented Premium products  
  + Fully Insured, Doctor Certified, OSHA Compliant Products
  + Industrial Food Service FDA approved Bandages / First Aid Kits
Customized First Aid Kits and Systems for any industry
  + Emergency & Disaster Supplies
Advanced Responder Kits

OSHA/ANSI Z358.1 Eyewash Stations 
  • Free - Routine Inspections & Maintenance per OSHA Requirements Including - Cleaning & Sanitizing Eyewash Stations, Inspection of 
  • parts for proper operation, Test and Flush station if needed to exact system protocol and requirements, Inspect location for proper access and safety concerns, ensure station is properly tagged, signed & dated.  We provide a detailed list showing Proof of Compliance using our computerized system to help you keep track of specific department usage and information.
  • We have the Eyewash Station products and support to keep
  • your business in compliance with OSHA/ANSI Requirements:
  • + Portable Eyewash Stations
    + Permanent Plumbed-Fixed Eyewash & Shower Stations
    + Self Contained Systems
    Supplemental Eyewash - Bottle/Personal Stations

              OSHA/ANSI 1910.1030 Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP)
  • Free - Inspections, Including - Cleaning & Sanitizing BBP Kits Inspect contents for expiration and OSHA required items, Inspect for tampering and usage, Track the status of systems in place for proper disposal.

  • Your source for BBP products and Support. We can help keep your workplace in compliance and safe from Blood Borne Pathogen Infection:

  • + BBP Containment Systems 

  • + Personal Protection Kits 

  • + Sharps Disposal Systems 

  • + Bio Hazard Compliance Products                                                                                              

  •                               Compliance Safety Signage



    Free - On-Site Evaluations, Customization & Installation of
    Safety Signage including:

    PPE Required
    - First Aid Station
    - Eyewash Station
    - Fire Extinguisher
    - Exit
    - Warning
    - Employee communication
    - Evacuation Maps
    - Hazard Communication
    - High Visibility Signs
    - V Signs
    - Adhesive Signs

  •                                      Training Packages
  • We customize our training based on your needs, putting emphasis on the individual topics that relate to your industry.  We know you're busy and with our flexible scheduling and On-Site Classes, we make getting trained an easy process.
  • - First Aid
  • - CPR
  • - Blood Borne Pathogens
  • - AED (automated external defibrillator)     
  •                            Personal Protective Equipment


- Routine Inventory & Restocking, Employee Safety
        Evaluations based on your specific hazards and safety procedures.   
         We provide the following products with competitive pricing    
          personally delivered with...                                                
                                                      No Shipping Charges or Service Fees!

    - Safety Glasses
  • - Gloves
  • - Ear Plugs
  • - Hard Hats
  • - Respirators
  • - Masks
  • - Safety Vests
                     Emergency Responder Products

    Free - Routine Inspections & Maintenance, Disaster Preparedness   Assistance. OSHA Required inspections of AEDs including:  Activation of system self test to ensure the unit is functioning properly, check expiration dates of Batteries & Electrode Pads Sign & Date inspection tags as required, Inspect Supplemental Oxygen for Expiration and Readiness if applicable.  We provide a detailed list showing Proof of Compliance using our Computerized System to keep track of individual units per department or location. 

    We provide and support life saving products to ensure your business
    is prepared in the event of a major emergency:

    - AEDs (Automated External Defibrillator)
    - Trauma Kits
    - Emergency Oxygen Systems 
    - Advanced EMS Products
    - Earthquake Kits


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